There is something for most every woman in this book: single, married, or divorced. The author bookends each chapter with insightful scriptures. Shepherd illustrates how our hearts desires are revealed through the words we speak and our actions. She also takes examples from her own life to expand on the desires represented in each chapter. Shepherd gives the reader practical ways that can be applied to the reader's life in a portion titled "Love Coaching."

One of the my favorite quotes from the book, "Our lives may not be the ones we have longed for, but the greatest testimony is not how we started but how we finish. It isn't getting what we wont; it's giving what we have. It isn't getting our way; it's doing God's will no matter what anyone else we love does. The legacy is not in our comfort; it is in our character." What a lovely thing to keep in mind to guide my own heart's desires.

Each chapter also ends with a love letter from God to each reader, a prayer, and questions intended for small group studies.

I would recommend this great book for personal reading (how I read it) or for a small group.


Danielle DayComment