Preach It, Sister!

For The Love had me experiencing all the feels! Right from page four (see below), she had me thinking "preach, sister!!" From the beginning, I feel like Jen Hatmaker understood exactly where I was coming from as a wife, mom, friend, and woman. She had me laughing, studying her words, repeating sections of wisdom back to my husband, and sending photos of some of the pages to my best friend, so she could cry with me! Each chapter held a certain comedy or wisdom that I hold dear, but some of my favorites...

Chapter 3 humbled my view of a calling radically, when Hatmaker explains the idea that all of our calling is the same, in reality. How wrapped up we can become in looking for a revelation of our "calling"...For the mom in Haiti who, "entertains none of this. She works hard because she has to. She isn't attempting to discern an elusive calling. She is raising her babies, working for a living, doing the best she can with what she has. [...] Yet she is also worthy of the calling she has received," (21). My every day calling in staying at home and raising my little is just as noble as any other believes calling.

Chapter! My heart was so encouraged to hear these words she's written to her kids, each with their own personalities and tendencies! Reading this just made me want to start documenting all my warm-felt thoughts and feelings toward my little guy, especially as his character is growing! Sometimes it's so easy to see the issues and grind of daily life, that this was just a great reminder to dwell on the beauty of their individuality!

Then Chapter 12 had me crying these unexpected tears (I mean it's a chapter on having fun in marriage, for goodness sakes!) as it just hit so close to home! Part 4, titled "Find best couple friends" is so raw for me, as we just moved far away from our couple best friends! While we're still close in heart, the physical distance makes me realize how much we are missing out on and how intentional we have to be to maintain that relationship! It also revealed in my heart a desire to find Texas Couple Best Friends, so we can have some of these people close to us, but it's hard to make those kinds of connections when you've just moved across the country and your whole community is new!

Thanks Jen for such a beautifully written, humbling, and inspiring book - all your words resonated with me - really, every chapter of this book was my favorite! I can't wait to share it with my girlfriends!


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