Wonderful Tool for Discipling Women

The Gentle Art of Discipling Women is a wonderful book outlining the methods that the author, Dana Yeakley, has found effective throughout her years of discipling women. I love how the book opens, explaining how important gentleness is in discipling when she says, "This gentleness does not mean we are indifferent to damaging life choices or attitudes of those around us. Nor does it mean we endorse the pervasive victim mentalities present in our culture today that paralyze a woman's growth. But in gentleness, we should show deliberate voluntary kindness and forebearance as we conduct ourselves as disciplers." I also appreciate the distinction Yeakley makes in mentoring versus discipling - it helps set up the purpose of the book and purpose one would meet with a woman to help her growth.

The first part of the book walks you through 4 pillars of being a believer, which I found to be helpful, but not nearly as beneficial or interesting as the second part of the book, where Yeakley details her methods for discipling women. This section helps the reader determine who she should disciple, how to create a program for study, and how to create an atmosphere that best suites the person being discipled. I took several interesting pointers from this section and look forward to connecting with a woman interested in going through discipleship together, and I will refer back to this book when that point does come as I prepare a study and determine who to disciple.

Overall, I think there are several wonderful tips throughout this book that one can take into a discipling relationship, and I'm excited to pass this book on to the Women's Ministry leaders at my church, as I'm sure each of them will be able to glean something from it!

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.
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Danielle DayComment