Inspiring Vision of Home

I’ve read many of Sally Clarkson’s other books including Ministry of Motherhood, Desperate, and Own Your Life and each of these books has encouraged me in different ways along my journey of motherhood. The Life Giving Home, however, encouraged me in a whole new way and ignited inside of me a desire to create a “life giving” home for my family. As my son is turning three, and we have another on the way, I definitely feel like now is the time to begin creating such intentional traditions as the ones outlined in the book. One thing I loved about this book is the intertwining experience of both Sally and her daughter Sarah, who come from two different angles to create a beautiful compilation of ideas and stories on creating family legacy.


I appreciate the warm and totally relatable way the authors write – I feel like I can apply any of their ideas to my own home. The ideas are totally realistic. Reading through this book makes me wish I had grown up in the Clarkson home, which completely inspires me to make sure I apply her suggestions to create this kind of home for my kiddos! My favorite chapters are “A Symphony of Grace,” “January: Creating A Framework for Home,” and “February: A Culture of Love,” – I feel like I gleaned the most practical tips for my family that I can begin implementing immediately. I have yet to order my copy of The Life Giving Home Experience, but I would love to use that tool as an additional way to incorporate Sally and Sarah's tips! I can’t wait to pass this book onto my friends, whether they are mommies or not!


Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Thanks for reading friends!


Danielle DayComment