CSB Study Bible for Women

I was so pleased when this beautiful Bible arrived! The cover of the CSB Study Bible for Women is perfect - I love the texture and colors! I only worry a little about drinking coffee around it, as I tend to be clumsy in the early mornings and would hate to spill a mug around this beauty. 

Study bible for women.jpg

I've been using this Bible this week as I work through a study on 1 John. The study notes, as well as the highlights of certain Biblical characters, and the summaries of the book are so extremely helpful, but more than that, they're beautiful and compelling to look at, so I'm drawn to read above and beyond what's required for my study! 

This book would be such a perfect gift for a girlfriend or for Mother's Day! 

B&H/Lifeway provided me a copy of this book in exchange for this review, but all opinions are completely my own. 

Thanks for reading about what I'm reading!


Danielle DayComment