In Bloom

Kayla Aimee writes a story that could be straight out of my diary, from her love of the Babysitters Club series to the struggle of making friends as an adult! In Bloom is such a refreshing and honest account of Kayla's growth and insecurities as a pre-teen to the same inflictions as an adult, which drew me in from the start as I recalled all the things I used to love in my pre-teens, especially Zenon (P.S. if anybody find out how to watch this movie nowadays, let me know - I can't find it anywhere)! This recollection of my favorite things also brought about a recollection of similar awkward moments of childhood as Kayla's. Throughout the whole book is the sweet and timely reminder of how our confidence can be found in the Lord! 


AND the stories of her daughter are literally priceless! I can relate so strongly in these stories, as I think of similar incidents with my own 5 year old! I had to share most of these hilarious stories out loud with my husband, so he could share in the laugh! 

B&H Publishing provided me a copy of this book in exchange for this review, but all opinions are completely my own. 

Thanks for reading about what I'm reading! 


Danielle DayComment