It's All Under Control

Jennifer Dukes Lee pretty much read my mail during the intro of this book, and I was hooked! I loved every moment of this book - and found essential truths and helpful tidbits scattered throughout! 



I started reading this book during a time when a lot of unknowns were surfacing regarding the future of our family, and I'm not sure I've ever been filled with more peace during a time when I've been so out of control than when reading this book. I read the book in just a few days, simply because I truly needed the words inside! I laughed (mostly at how well the author was describing my personality without ever actually meeting me), but also had great times to reflect and work through the "Cracking the Control Code" portions of the book, which outline practical next steps we "control freaks" can give the control we never actually had back to the Lord. 


Jennifer Dukes Lee says in the book that, "We ask for a map to deal with all of this, but instead Jesus gives us a compass and says, 'Follow me.'" I so appreciate this visual, and it has surfaced in my memory several times as I've read through the book as a sweet reminder that I want to give all the control to the Lord and follow Him, regardless of where it leads! 

So thankful that this book exists, and I can share it with friends who also wrestle with idolizing control.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, but I wasn't required to write a positive review.

Thanks for reading about what I'm reading about!


Danielle DayComment