It's Really Not

I’ve been anticipating reading this book for so long! I grew up in the PNW and a few of my college friends hung out with Jeff, so I’ve known about his ministry and his profound insights for a long time before actually getting my hands on something he’s written! And this book did not disappoint - it was so full of truth about Christianity that often gets overlooked or ignored completely.

Each chapter held something I was unaware of or had never thought of before, and the book itself held so many thought-provoking ideas. I so appreciated all of the personal stories Bethke tells to help support his ideas and make his points - they are so real and vulnerable! One of my favorite chapters was on the Sabbath, “The Sabbath command is the fourth command. It looks back on the three about God and looks forward to the last six about how to treat people. It’s the link between honoring God and loving people.” Amen! How much would our Sabbath observance be changed by making it about loving and honoring people in general? Also, in the chapter about the Kingdom being part of our current lives, not something for our future anticipation, I love his explanation that, “Life isn’t about going to heaven when you die, it’s about making heaven true on earth in every facet and level of our relationship with God, others, and self. The Christian life is asking, how can I make what’s true of Jesus and his gospel true in whatever aspect of my life?” This is a question to consider upon waking every morning!

This book is one I’d highly recommend to any of my friends searching for a deeper explanation of what it means to live for Christ!

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Thanks for reading, friends! :)

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