Sacred Holidays

I’d never heard of Becky Kiser before reading her newest book, Sacred Holidays, but now I am going to follow her and the Sacred Holidays Tribe to glean all their tips and tricks! This book was full of ideas that I hope to incorporate into our own family’s holiday routines! I love that it starts with Becky encouraging the readers to add time in his/her calendar ahead of time to plan for these holidays, and then the second part of the book moves into the specifics on each holiday.


I loved all her suggestions in the holidays portion of the book - a few of her ideas are ones we already do in our family (or something really similar) and the ones I loved the most, I was able to jot down and note for when the planning time pops up on my calendar for that specific holiday. I really also appreciated her portion on Santa, we already don’t do gifts from Santa or discuss with our kids the idea that they get extra gifts and should be constantly consumed with their wishlist, but we didn’t have specific verbiage for why, and I feel like she really elaborated and gave me good reasoning behind why our choice is a good one!

I really enjoyed this book, look forward to pulling it back off the shelf as I plan for each holiday, and hope I can do the Sacred Holidays Advent Bible study! And I’m also hoping to share the book with friends from home group, so we can share ideas and work together to make the holidays more “sacred - holy and set apart”!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from B&H Publishers, but I wasn't required to write a positive review.

Thanks for reading about what I'm reading about!


Danielle DayComment