The Marvelous Mud House

As I read this book the first time to my kiddos last night, the reminders to be grateful for what we have resonated with me so heavily! I look forward to my boys choosing this book to read before bed, so we can all be reminded how blessed we are and how our blessings reach beyond even our material possessions. The author, April Graney, does such a beautiful job of showing us two different cultures coming together through a missions trip and showing us how both boys (and their families) are forever changed because of their experience!


Until we can take our boys on their first missions trip, I'm excited to read books like this, that give them a little glimpse of other cultures and going to places outside our comfort zone to serve others! I also really love the page at the end with a Bible passage to read and questions we can discuss together as a family! Thanks so much to Ms. Graney and Ms. Massari (illustrator) for creating such a beautiful book that I know will resonate with our whole family for years! 

Thanks for reading about what I'm reading! 


Danielle DayComment