Worry Less

Perry Noble takes basic facts about worry and stress and gives detailed biblical background as to why this happens and what we can do to free ourselves from their chains! His comical personal stories are so easy to relate to. I feel like a lot of the material and concepts he talks about are familiar to me, but the examples he uses both personally and biblically present all those concepts in a fresh and engaging way. At the same time, the advice he presents on how to manage worry is easily applicable, and these concepts are great to take note of, keep on hand, and continually refer back to! This easy read only took me a few days to complete, which I can appreciate - it didn't add another huge and complicated book to tackle, which can sometimes be a stressor in itself! I value this book and the advice that Noble presents - I work at a church and plan to keep it on hand for those who need these encouraging words!


I received this book from Tyndale to review.

Danielle DayComment